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Review EN: Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass) by Alpha x Omega

Here is my English review based on the French one :
Still waiting for the bunny version of Kallen by Alpha x Omega (a shadow was seeable at WF08 summer), I wrote lately a French review of this figurine. I guess I could share my feelings about it with people who do not understand French.

General specifications

Name: Kallen Stadtfeld (not Kallen Kouzuki ’cause she uses her britannian name at school)
Maker: Alpha x Omega (Alter & Megahouse)
Price in Japan excluding VAT: 5500¥ (~50$ and ~34€ on August 2008 )
Release date
: February 2008
From: Code Geass – Lelouch of the Rebellion
Scale: 1/8 (height:  21,5 cm)
: Fumiki Saito

When I’m writting this article, the figurine is available on HLJ.


So this figurine comes from Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion… is there anyone who would dare confess not knowing this anime? :p well I’m joking. It is not (yet) as famous as Bleach or Naruto but it will soon ❤
The story takes place in Japan that has been colonized by the Holy Empire of Britannia. Lelouch seems to be a normal student in a Britannian university but he helps the rebellion that wants to restore the Japanese identity.
Here is the english trailer:

The well-known makers of PVC figurines Alter and Megahouse worked together under the name Alpha x Omega to produce this figurine of Kallen Stadtfeld wearing the school uniform of the Ashford Academy.

The packaging

The box is really classical : there are a front window and two lateral windows. The colors are sober : red and white colors on a black background. There are the official photos around the box : details on each side (the face on the one hand and the zettai ryouiki on the other hand) and a general view on the rear.
The used cardboard is quite thin. There is a “Sunrise” sticker.

The content of the box is the base and the figurine. The base is a transparent disc with information about the copyright. It has a bullnose (round chamfer).
The legs can be seperated from the top of the body : this way it is possible to easily remove the protecting plastic paper around the skirt. This assembly has a Poka-yoke : impossible to play the “Exorcist” figurine… that would break my image of Kallen as a smart girl. Besides I find that the figurine turned enough its head >_<

The figurine

The stance refers to a picture of the “Graphics Ashford” artbook. Kallen is looking backwards with a special expression on her face : mixing doubt, nonchalance and resignation. This expression finally matchs with Kallen ’cause she looks like having her head in the clouds at school.

Kallen holds in her right hand the headband she uses when she’s in “rebel” mode. This item is sticked in her hand.

I was amazed by several details : the logo of the Ashford academy on the tie, the nail polish, the white shirt-sleeve, the back of the knee that has been sculpted, and several color graduate shading (hair, folds of the jacket, etc).

One manufacturing fault could be the joint between the two hairs parts. Even if it is sperated at lock it’s still seeable =/
The other point is that there is a small spot on the front left lock (yeah that’s really small).
The backward look makes that the figure can be displayed in several ways : you can choose to display the front she’ll be looking on the side or to display her as if she was looking at us.

Blacklight trouver le zettai ryouiki optimal.


The only words I would say to summarize this fig are “simple” and “details”.
The outfit of Kallen is really common : just another school uniform (there are lots of with School Rumble, To Heart and many others). So this fig is simple ’cause its design is not so complex like Kureha by Max Factory.
Nonetheless the details that I talked about make this figure be interesting. The figure has a good quality (Alter’s level). Besides this fig is interesting ’cause it is connected with the universe of Code Geass : Kallen is one of the most popular characters of this anime and she appears on the top of the characters rankings in Japanese magazines (NewType, Animeage, Animedia, etc…).
CLAMP’s charater design makes its characters with a thin style. If I was very strict, I would say that the face is a little bit round regarding CLAMP’s design…

This fig is to have for Kallen’s fans (I am one). Of course for people who do not know Code Geass (oh gosh, that’s should be heretic in otaku’s world xD), this fig does not have anything in particular and it is less interesting.

other pics on Exelica Meteor



  1. Nice review my Jintoo (L)

    Good job 😮

  2. Très bien agencé,avec de bonnes explications et de bonnes photos 😉

  3. Sympa cette review ! J’aime beaucoup le fait que tu aies retrouvé l’image qui a inspirée la sculpture de la figurine. 😀

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