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Togihime Zohushi no Ni (volume 2) by Masamune Shirow [Review EN]

Masamune Shirow is well-known for GITS, Appleseed and Dominion, but if you did not do some research about Shirow master, other works like Galgrease or Togihime could stay unknown for you (it is understandable because both Galgrease and Togihime have ecchi or hentai contents).
In fact I discovered Galgrease at a friend who had the poster books. Then I found out on Internet that Shirow did Togihime and I decided to buy Togihime Zohushi no Ni x3

Togihime Zohushi Koban (vol.1) has been alreaday released in 2003 with several forms : cards in a CD box and a set of posters. After that Togihime Zohushi no Ni (vol.2) were released in 2006 still in a special format because it was two plates foldable in a concertina style.

Here are general specifications:
Titel: Togihime Zohushi no Ni (伽姫草子之弐)
Artist :
Masamune Shirow (士郎 正宗)
Editor :
Release date : July 2006
ISBN code :
Price :
1600 yens HT (~11€ in October 2008… before the crisis).
Size :
B6 (107mm x 182mm)… notepad size oO
Content :
Colour Drawings.

The first point that surpised me when I opened my parcel was the size of this artbook: it is really small! Of course I read the size on a page with the description of the product, but it is always different to see it with my own eyes. Here is a photo with my NDS:

In Togihime Zohushi, Shirow drew various women (what a surprise !) : priestesses, warriors and dinstinguished ladies wearing atypical clothes in asian legends on backgrounds from a universe of asian legends. The drawings of this backgrounds are rather detailled =)

Togihime Zohushi’s main specificity (for both volumes 1 and 2) is that there are two versions for each picture: a “normal” version and an ecchi one. Thats is why this artbook is divided in two sets: the black one contains the “normal” versions (KA-DEN 華伝) while the orange one contains the second versions (HI-DEN 秘伝).
This reminded me other artbooks that I have: Saint Seiya Sacred Saga. There are pictures of the 12 Gold saints… and there are also 12 pics of this Gold saints in the same stance but with another outfit: dark or evil. Of course I tried find out the differences and I had fun x3

Aiolos (Saint Seiya Sacred Saga): light and darkness

The other specifity of this artbook is that it has a concertina style. There are instructions on a paper sheet (same size as the artbooks). It shows the different way of organizing both sets: book with recto’s illustrations, book with verso’s illustrations, or byōbu.

obi & instructions

I find that the pictures are really beautiful… maybe to appreciate properly them, liking Shirow’s style is requiring. Nonetheless I find there are few =/

To summarize :
Positive points
-originality of the format,
-2 versions for each illustration,
-no Japenese text (for me it is better because I can’t read it).
Negative points
-the little size,
-the small number of illustrations: n=14.

To conclude…
Someway I bought this artbook searching for something special… something not common (the concertina form). I would be lying if I said that it is wonderful because I feel a little bit unsatisfied (because of the negative points I previously talked about). Well, however I am globally glad to have it 😉

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