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Aubade meets figures: Autake.

Before the summer of this year I was interesting in the figure of Tamaki Kōsaka of To Heart 2 by New Line after having seen pictures that PitaPowa made. I planned to take a picture of her and to manipulate the photo to make a kind of poster for women’s underwear ad if one day I finally bought her… and I bought her.
First I thought of Passionata ’cause I remembered a funny ad with wolves that were watching a scrolling poster.
Then I remembered Aubade’s calendars with the “leçons de séduction” (lessons about how to seduce). That’s a French advertisement campaign: on B&W photos bodies with underwears are shown. The face does not appear and of course it highlights the body (and the underwears). Besides there is a sentence to teach “how seduce him”. Most of time there is a word play alluding to the stance of the body =)
So I finally chose to draw one’s inspiration from this ad campaign ’cause it had something special.

Autake Leçon 1 calendar version

The French pronunciation of Aubade is /obad/ and I changed it in Autake that could be pronounced /otak/. Just hearing it phonetically, it could also be written otak’ which is a shortcut for “otaku”.

I was also wondering what kind of text I could write for the lesson. I thought of “how to make an otaku buy a figure?”… so I planned to do several lessons ’cause I had several figures. I gave myself a goal: to do 12 lessons.

Here are the 12 lessons. I will translate them and add comments. Of course I tried to link the text with the picture and I also wanted to use jargon of figures.

mettre en valeur ses attributs MOE. penser à une version alternative en tirage limité. l'ensorceler (magie du vide).
faire référence à l'artwork d'un illustrateur célèbre. personnaliser son socle. faciliter les pantsu shots.

Lesson 1: highlight her MOE specifities.
There so many MOE modes to use to make figures…
Lesson 2: think about another version with a limited production.
Limited versions make the prices increase… and finally make buy : it gives the feeling to have something special, something better… something less common. Ignis the White by Orchid Seed matches with this lesson because there were 2 limited figures : the bleeding version (available at the summer WF 2007) and Nimbus the Black (Hobby Japan Mail order).
Lesson 3: enchant him/her (Void Magic).
The time I did this lesson I was watching the anime Zero no Tsukaima. I was a bit found of Louise and I bought a figure. For the text of the lesson I thought about something more abstract =)
Lesson 4: refer to the artwork of a famous illustrator.
Some figures are based on drawings of famous illustrators : Shunya Yamashita, Tony Taka, Masamune Shirow, etc… a step from 2D to 3D : most of time they have success. Btw the number of the lesson matches with the number of the Shuraki 😉
Lesson 5: customize her base.
Shuraki’s bases are really well made : each base is specific to the figure. This one has beautiful crystals. But I also chose this figure like if it was a joke because the base of this 5th Shuaki is fragile and lot of people broke the little sprocket under her shoe.
Lesson 6: make pantsu shots easier.
Akatsuki Mishiro is my favorite figure… I needed to do a lesson with her xD In fact the figure has 2 kinds cloth : of course I chose the one that let see the pantsu x3

avoir une pose dynamique. trouver le zettai ryouiki optimal. être cast off.
apparaître dans un eroge. passer en mode SD. raviver des souvenirs d'enfance.

Lesson 7: have a dynamic stance.
The stance of the figure is really important. “on a single foot” is a classical trendy stance (like Wind Walker by Alter, Haruka Takamori by Alter, etc… ), but the danger is  bending =/
Lesson 8: find out the best zettai ryouiki.
In fact I lately learned the meaning on the word “zettai ryouiki” on Darkmirage’s blog. I was so impressed by this article 😮 I told myself I had to use this word in one of my lesson xD I was hesitating with Rin Tōsaka (Fate/stay night) but I finally chose Kallen Stadtfeld (Code Geass).
Lesson 9: be cast-offable.
After having done the 8 previous lessons I realized that this lesson was so basic. I should have written it for the first lesson… somewhere this argument is too evident. Char (for those who did not recognize her) with her DNA hair is very beautiful : I had the idea to let her dress opened… just for taking the picture ‘coz I’m not going to let her catch a cold 😛
Lesson 10: appear in an eroge.
What can be found in an eroge? Gorgeous shapely women with a careful chara design 😀 I thought of Ignis… but she was already the teacher of the 2nd lesson. I wanted to have variety. So I chose Al Azif by Max Factory which is a very cute figure.
Lesson 11: switch to SD mode.
Kawaii stuff and lovely items… will you able to resist? 😛 Among kawaii stuff there are SD/chibi.
Several companies created their own SD lines: Nendoroid by GSC, Pinky:St by Vance Project, Picture Studio and Character Studio by Megahouse, etc…
Once Again PitaPowa made me wanna get some figures with his nice pics. I find that the nendoroid of Kotona Elegance is so cute. Hard to resist this face :s But I do not have (yet) bought her. I asked PitaPowa: he accepted to do this picture specially for me =3 I thank him once again 😉
Lesson 12: remind them their childhood.
Nostalgia is a very lucrative line : people who were children 10 years ago have a job and earn money… so the makers produce very expensive toys of old series : Saint Seiya Cloth Myth, transformable Valkyries from Macross, the action figure of Wingman by Medicom Toys, etc…

For the lessons that’s all folks !! =)
The 1st ones were focused on “underwear” shots ’cause I was in the mood of Aubade’s parody. Then I thought that it is not the only motivation for an otaku. I finally chose to let the head appear with the Kotona’s nendo. It makes that the lessons 11 and 12 finally look like apart.

I also did calendar versions for the first lessons : I made it start with August ’cause I was doing them on July. I also added a shadow with the logo of the company that produced the figure: N of Newline, O of Orchid Seed, the face for GSC, etc… I have just finished January 09’s one. I guess I’ll stop calendar versions ’cause the interest is limited.

Autake Leçon 1 calendar version Autake Leçon 2 calendar version Autake Leçon 3 calendar version
Autake Leçon 4 calendar version Autake Leçon 5 calendar version Autake Leçon 6 calendar version

I had to put numbers in the picture that I already did. I put them under the hand of Ignis for the 2nd lesson and it makes as is she was letting them fall =)

And after having shown some of my pics, Momoko told me that someone already thought ’bout it with figures: Jerkotaking did a similar picture.

I also find on Flickr Plastic Erotica by Sid.Ceaser:
Sid.Ceaser does better light effects than mine. And I find it is harder to recognize the figure 😛

I have some ideas for other lessons… maybe one day I’ll drop one or two lessons…

Links Aubade:
Official website Aubade
Les pubs de Tom



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