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Review EN: Rosanna (Sweet Dreams) by Movic

Rosanna by Movic is a figurine that I wanted during a moment. My desire did not vanish so I was patiently waiting for an opportunity to buy her for a reasonable price. Yes, Rosanna did become rare =/

So she is my 2nd figurine inspired by an artwork of Shunya Yamashita (the 1st one is Needa Schuetlich) and my 1st figure produced by Movic:
– Shunya Yamashita… good figures and atypical clothes : that’s a matter of taste… some people love his style, some other do not.
– and Movic… the first time that I saw “Movic” was when I watched Neon Genesis Evangelion’s video tapes : before year 2000. In fact Movic makes products related to anime, etc… so Movic does not make only PVC figurines, that’s why I had some doubts about the quality.

General specifications
: Rosanna
: Movic
Price in Japan excluding VAT
: 5800 yens
Release date (Japan)
: April 2007
: Sweet Dreams (artbook with Shunya Yamashita’s illustrations).
: 1/7 Height : 25 cm
Sculptor: Eiichi Ishida (studio DRESS)
: Figurine PVC

The box
On several websites I saw different spellings for Rosanna: sometimes with 1 N instead of 2 and sometimes with 1 Z instead of a S (Rosana, Rozana, Rozanna, …)
With the box I was able to be sure xD

The box has a single front window. The colors refers to a rocky texture. It gives a kind of “western” atmosphere. There are also decorative details similar to Rosanna’s clothes’ ones.
The front has SY’s illustration while the rear has a picture of the prototype of the figure with some Japanese text.

The figurine
As I said it the design is directly inspired from the artwork of SY:

Rosanna (Sweet Dreams) | Movic
(click to enlarge)

The base
The base is translucent: it possible to see through it. Somewhere it is a bit like if there is not anything ๐Ÿ˜‰ It has an elleptical shape with a poka-yoke system: both little sprockets on the base have different diameters that match with one of the boots of Rosa. The figurine can stand without it but it is unsafe (it could easily fall).

The clothes
The clothes that Rosanna wears could be considered as “classical” having already seen other illustrations of SY: its design lets appear some parts of her body but the clothes have still a lot of importance. For example the red and white “corset” (that is not exactly a corset) lets see the navel, the red fabric ends with a circular shape but the white fabric still hides her hips… well, I’m trying to explain that it’s not an simple nude figure: the clothes are really sophisticated.

Rosanna Detail 3

Rosanna also wears long gloves and kinds of “leg warmers”… try to imagine this easy calculation:

“bell bottoms jeans – shorts =what Rosa is wearing on her legs”

In fact Dilnarin Demirbag from the music band E-Type already wore such things at some concerts:

The color of this gloves and “leg warmers” is dark violet and they also have some golden decorative details (the same as on the box). The bell bottoms are opened and it lets us see black boots with high heels.

The stance
I like the stance =3 Rosanna is hidding her face behing her right arm just letting appear her beautiful green eyes. She also gives the feeling that she is stretching… maybe she is going to hold the sword with both hands.
On SY’s illustration her mouth and her eyes are visible: sensual look, luscious lips. It is not exactly the same for the figurine because the right arms completly hides her mouth. We have to look it with a falling angle to view it properly. It’s a bit disappointing because the arm was not so close to the face on the prototype figure -_-
Besides the mouth of the figure is painted as a smile while she is not really smiling on SY’s artwork. It is a bit different from the original expression. Nevertheless the mouth is rather well-painted and well sculpted.

On SY’s illustration her left eye is hidden by the fringe. It is possible to see it on the figurine if we’re looking it from the side. This way I was able to check that Rosanna does not have any strabismus ๐Ÿ˜›
She hold in her left hand a sword with a special shape (Yamashita’s style). It has a translucent blade that is slot into a frame. The figure hold this item by gripping. It is possible because the sword is light.

Rosanna Detail 1
Rosanna Detail 2

The quality
The general quality for this figure is so so: some paintings dribble a bit, color gradations have no high contrast. I am demanding because I have other figures produced by Alter and the quality is very good.
The 1/7 scale (rather big) compensates this lack of quality ๐Ÿ˜› All the more since most of PVC figures inspired by an artwork of SY have 1/7 as scale : if you’re collecting them, you’ll be able to blend it with the rest of your collection ๐Ÿ˜‰ In fact I found out the piece of information “scale 1/7” on an online shop, but I sometimes wonder if it is not a 1/6 scale because this figure is really imposing ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

Personal point of view
Of course the main interest of this figure is the fact that it is inspired from Shunya Yamashita’s artwork: I find that he succeeded to harmonize a sensual side (all the naked parts) with a strong interest in the way she is dressed. I think it more subtle to do such figure than doing a cast-offable figure that has “normal” clothes. There is also Cocona from the same producer who was applicant for being part of my collection… but I prefer Rosa ๐Ÿ˜›
I would say that the transition from 2D to a PVC figure is rather successful even if the right arm hides her lips. It has not Alter’s quality but it is acceptable.
That’s finally a figure that should delight fans of Shunya Yamashita’s work and fans of nice figures ๐Ÿ™‚



  1. Great Review.
    I sense another SY fan ^^
    Got NoseArtGirl recently and im now eagerly waiting for Canal

  2. In fact I’m would consider myself as a so so fan… I do not plan to buy all the figures inspired by a SY’s artwork. Just few of them totally convinced me ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. she’s really a feast…if ever you want to sell rosanna just contact me man by mail

  4. yeah I’ll do it. If by chance I see a good sale, I’ll tell you too ๐Ÿ˜‰

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