Posted by: Jintoo | December 1, 2008

The price to feel like Suzaku Kururugi [Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion (R2 or not R2)]

Today is December 1st. Soon it will be mid December. That will be  the release date of an item that I preordered for a while: Suzaku’s Lancelot activation key =3

Lancelot activation key & Suzaku

The price to feel like Suzaku is 9,240 yens*

*the cosplay and Lancelot are not included 😛

People could think “Gosh! It’s expensive for a simple accessory!” and I would agree. But it can also be use as 2Go USB key =)
As fate would have it, when Villetta gave the key of her knightmare frame to Lelouch at the 2nd episode I told myself “it looks like a USB key!” 😮

Here are some pictures :

Code Geass USB keyCode Geass USB key with box
It seems that there will be a kind of little deluxe box. According to some translation tools that I used, it is a limited item: 500 items. The key is not made of plastic but of a zinc based alloy. It should be a bit heavy.

I also found out a sketch on Mecha Talk’s forum:

Activation key

On this pic the plug rather looks like a mini USB than a classical one 😛

I’am a bit impatient… like every preorders that I do in fact xD. I’ll tell you if I’m satisfied when I’ll receive mine 😉

If you’re looking for Guren’s one, you know where to find it!

Kallen Kouzuki

Links for pictures and information:
Official Code Geass website
Link to buy it (I ordered mine with Nihonju):



  1. ça me ferait vraiment plaisir d’avoir une clef comme celle-ci. Je l’accrocherai au portes-clefs de ma C3. quel trip ! 😀

  2. Hehe thats a cool little gadget.
    Havent seen Code Geass yet so thats all i can say ^^

  3. @miki : t’as commandé finalement ? Il y a également le fait que l’objet soit produit à 500 exemplaires. Ah ce sentiment d’avoir quelque chose de peu commun ^_^

    @blowfish: Du musst Code Geass schauen! Es ist doch ein meines Lieblingsanime =3

  4. J’aimerai bien c’est vrai ! mais bon… U_U’

    @blowfish = Hurry up ! You must to see code geass, let’s go 😉

  5. @Jintoo
    Haha! Es ist ganz schön lustig Deutsch auf einem Französischem Blog zu lesen während man selber auf Englisch schreibt^^
    Hast du Deutsch in der Schule gerlent?

    Yeah,yeah i know that Code Geass i supposed to be really really good but im pushing it already soo long infront of me and im now afarid that i couldnt like it in the end ^^:::

    Ill let you know how i likesd it when ive seen it

  6. mach’ was ich will auf meinem Blog 😛 Ich finde auch es lustig 😉
    Genau : ich hab’ in der Schule Deutsch gelernt.

  7. […] I wanted to make a kind of “the price to…” but I already did it while announcing the Lancelot Startup USB key. To tell you the truth I do not use to write news about releases because some other websites and […]


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