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Review EN Kamen Rider Kabuto S.H.Figuarts (Bandai)

Kamen Rider Kabuto

Kamen Rider Kabuto is my favorite hero from a tokusatsu… (I must admit that I didn’t watch so many tokusatsus xD). There wasn’t any real figure of Kabuto that made wanna buy… except the 12” figure by Medicom Toys Corp… but I was afraid of deciding to buy it ’cause on the one hand its height is huge (I’ve never bought any such figure) and on the the other hand I guess that being able to spend more than 100 euros for a figure makes you step into a another class of collector. I finally did not dare to go to the next level.
But I found out this S.H.Figuarts when I was doing some Internet research. S.H.Figuarts is a serie of figure that I didn’t know: the first figures of this line were released on February 2008. The released figure comes from Kamen Rider the Next, Kamen Rider The First, Kamen Rider Kabuto, Kamen Rider Den-O… and G Gundam with Domon Kasshu (the 1st figure that comes from an anime for this line).

General specifications

Name: Masked Rider Kabuto
Maker: Bandai (S.H.Figuarts series).
Price excluding VAT: 2500 yens
Release date: October 2008
Comes from Kamen Rider Kabuto
Type: Toy / action figure.
Matérial: PVC ABS PC ZnDC (alloy with Zinc).

Available on Hobby Search when I’m writting this few lines.

The packaging.
The front has a window. A text is written on it: S.H.Figuarts is a new standard figure series that incorporates the Bandai action figure “Arts” under the theme “Pursuing Character Expression through Humanoid Action.” I find it’s a bit pompous >.<

“Masked Rider Kabuto” is written on the west side: I would have prefered “Kamen Rider” than “Masked Rider”. On the south-east corner there is a pic of Kabuto. The colors are black and white: all boxes of this S.H.Figuarts have this colors. This way it harmonizes the line, but I find the colors are sad 😦

The rear shows the promotional pictures with some famous stances of Kabuto: the Rider Kick, when he’s pointing the sky with his finger, etc…

La figurine.
The figure comes with several accessories:
-a set of hands on the left in the thermoformed blister,
-a “Kabuto Kunai Gun” that can be used as a dagger (Kunai mode) on the top right,
-a “Kabuto Kunai Gun” that can be used as an ax (Ax mode) or as a gun (Gun mode) on the bottom right.

First good suprise : when I’m holding it in my hands: I feel it’s a bit heavy and cold; it has some metallic parts (on the contrary to the figmas).

For this review I gave to the figure several stances that can be found in the TV show (cf. screenshots). This way you will be able to judge on the one hand the limits of the articulated body, and on the other hand the quality of the product 😉

Notable defects regarding Kabuto’s outfit:
I find that the Zecter is too unrefined T_T The grey color in the middle is the same as the belt one’s. They should have painted the center with a darker grey ! (maybe I’ll do it myself).

The neck is too long: I’ve got the feeling they took a Myth Cloth as pattern… nice but their necks are long to compensate the “cloth”. Kabuto’s chest protector is not so high as the Myth Cloth’s ones -_- Imo it is the worse defect.
Otherwise there is also a little zone that should be black-painted on the back. It’s red on the figure.

Kabuto Kunai Gun (gun mode)

The figure really looks like a Myth Cloth regarding the joints. Most of times, Myth Cloth figures can’t get totally free stances because the armor is restricting. The S.H.Figuarts can really have lots of stance.
Here is a pic with a Figma and a Myth Cloth to realize how tall is the S.H.Figuarts:

I think that Bandai could have done a ZECT Mizer as extra-accessory:

I was able to discover a new figure line with this S.H.Figuarts! It’s a good alternavite to products by Medicom Toys Corp speaking of budget.
I am aware that this kind of figure is very specific and quite unknown in France. It is the kind of figure that people buy if he knows the character and not the kind of figure that people buy because of its estheticism (some people should be allergic to the “insect” outfit).
In fact I’ve already preordered Dark Kabuto’s S.H.Figuarts that should be released next month ^^ There is also a Dark Kabuto’s Medicom Toy… but it was a limited item (then the prices increase), while the S.H.Figuarts won’t be limited.



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