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Review EN: Kallen Kouzuki Bunny version – Code Geass R2 [Alpha x Omega]

Kallen Kouzuki Bunny Girl

Someway this review was planned 1 year ago with my review of Kallen Stadtfeld wearing her school uniform 😛
One year after the release of the “sleeping mode” duet in February 2008 with C.C. in the bed and Kallen who has her head in the clounds, Alpha x Omega produced a fanservice duet with Kallen as bunny girl and Shirley as a swimsuit maid.

the “sleeping mode” duet

the fanservice duet o.O

General specifications.

Name: Kallen Kouzuki Bunny version.
Manufacturer: Alpha x Omega (Alter & Megahouse)
Price excluding VAT: 5800 yens
Release date: January 2009
Original: Code Geass R2
Scale: 1/8
Height: 17 cm
Sculptor: Hiroshi Inagaki
Material: PVC

I’ve just checked while writing this review : the figure is available on Hobby Link Japan and Hobby Search.

The box and the content.

The packaging

The box has the shape of a cube (25 cm x 18 cm x 17 cm). It has a wide window. Like most of figures made by Alter, the cardboard is rather thin. The window and the thin cardboard make this box a bit fragile/light -> if you use to stack up your boxes to keep them, do not put this one at the bottom.

The box has too much “empty space”… boxes of the figures of Mahō Shōjo Lyrical Nanoha StrikerS by Alter are in the same spirit. In my opinion, the base could have been kept vertically and then the width could have been decreased.

The content: the thermoformed blisters have the figure, the base and the optionnal headband. Oh there is also a sheet of paper with instructions in the case where people would not know that it has to be put on the head:

The base is a transparent disk with the logo of the Black Knights in relief. I think it is nicer than Kallen Stadtfeld’s one but it is useless because the figure can stand without it:

Kallen is hesitating: “I climb on it ?”

The figure

I will not explain again where the figure comes from. I already talked about the anime Code Geass in another review.

The clothes

If you did not yet finish to watch (or did not yet start watching) the first season of Code Geass, you could think that it is a fanservice version that has nothing to do with the original serie. You would be mistaken! … Kallen as bunny girl has been seen in an episode of the 2nd season!

Screenshot of Code Geass R2: don’t be mistaken! Kallen is on the left!

In fact it was the 2nd bunny girl that I bought. The 1st one was the Haruhi Metamo 1.5 (she was able to change the color of her cloth according to the temperature). This bunny figure has all the exact details of the one that is in the anime: the knots near the hips, the sleeves, the neck, the bunny tail, the removable headband with the bunny ears, the activation key of the Guren.

The stance

The stance is unusual and so it can disturb: Kallen is on her knees and looks like dodging bullets. Her right hand is hiding the Guren key in her breasts.

The figure lays on 4 points (2 knees and 2 shoes): it is harder to produce because all this 4 points have to be in the same plane. If it is not the case there is a point to compensate: that is the case when you have a table with 4 legs. If one is too short, you have to steady it with papersheets. Do not worry, you will not have to use papersheets with Kallen: Alter Alpha x Omega did a great job and the 4 points are in the same plane!

The face expresses a kind of determination… I remind you she is in “rebel mode”. That is why the name is Kouzuki (the Japenese name) and not Stadtfeld.

The quality

I find that the sculpting is really good: we can see the shape of the collarbones, the scapulas, the creases on the cloth, etc… the paint of Guren activation key is not dribbling too much.

I said for Kallen Stadtfeld that the joint between the two hairs parts was too seeable. Kallen Bunny’s hair is similar because it has two parts… but it has something more clever ^.^ the bunny ears headband can hide it 😉

The painting is excellent : no dribbling, there are some color variations which reveal irregular shapes (example: the creases, the seams, etc…). Nonetheless the color of the nail polish (light-pink) is not contrasting so much with the color of her skin… nevermind, the rest is perfect 😛

iGeass Kallen Kouzuki


This figure is contrasting with the “Kallen Stadtfeld” version more particularly for the stance and what it expresses. Well… if I had to have only one, I don’t know which one I should keep.
She is technically gorgeous: I have nothing to complain about the quality. Alter AxO is at the top.
I have the feeling that people do not like her so much (the proof is that she’s still available). I can understand it because the stance is not usual and the fanservice can get on nerves (for example, I hate fanserv in Evangelion). Maybe the “Code Geass figures” budgets have been cut by the G.E.M. figure of Zero Lelouch.
So she’s my 2nd Kallen while I have not any figure of C.C. And yet I prefer C.C. (she is in my anime harem) >_< I am still waiting for a C.C. that I would like. Alpha x Omega, please hear my praying and release a gothic loli C.C. !!!

Wallpaper of gothic loli C.C. (



  1. Belles photos, le fond est bien choisi l’ami et colle bien à notre Kallen bunny.

    • J’ai en fait pris 2 fonds : un rose et un qui tend plus vert le rouge…

  2. yep, je parlais en particulier de celui le plus rouge 😉

  3. Were you thinking about me when writing that paragraph that this isnt a fanservice version of a Code Geass Character?^^
    Yep,I still havent watched the series ^^;;

    So she has 2 Names on in Japanese and one in German? Interesting!

    • You guy ! No I was not thinking of you because I thought you watched it : but since my preview of the Suzaku Lancelot Key, you didn’t ! T_T Add it as “planned to watch” on MyAnimeList !

      Sonst glaube ich, dass “Stadtfeld” in der Anime english (Britannia) ist und nicht deutsch.

  4. Dang! So you remembered that? ^^;;;;

    Nunja,Ihr Name hört sich eigentlich ziemlich Deutsch an aber das muss ja nichts heißen.

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