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Review En: Saint Cloth Myth Delta Megrez Alberich [Bandai]

SCM Delta Megrez Alberich

I received lately my MC (Myth Cloth) of Megrez Alberich. It was released in June, but I received mine in August 🙂 It’s the latest MC that I got.

Name: Saint Cloth Myth Delta Star Megrez Alberich.
Maker: Bandai (toy line Saint Cloth Myth – official website Tamashii)
Price excluding VAT: 5,000yen
Release date: June 2009
Original: Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac.
Scale: Non-scale
Height: 16 cm
Type : Articulated toy.

About the Saint Cloth Myth toy line.

I already wrote a page to explain this toy line… it was HTML code with some AJAX : click there to view it.

But now my opinion about this toy line changed: Bandai does not innovate enough (Bandai releases the same character with another color) and the characters who are released are supporting characters (everybody’s waiting for the bronze saints with their 1st cloth). So I grew bored. I chose to focus on some series (e.g. to get all the gold saints). I am not so found of this toyline as before.

About Megrez Alberich.

Megrez Alberich is the Delta star God warrior. He appears only in the Asgard chapter. He is a real villain! This way I appreciated his Machiavellian plans, the way he sadisticly laughs, etc…

The design of the “Delta robe” (the armor) is simple: there is no arabesque like gold saints or Marinas.

Fanart by The Ponk

Alberich appears in the 2nd French opening theme of Saint Seiya (“La chanson des Chevaliers” sung by Bernard Minet) :

I already had a special feeling with him 😛
It must be said that the vintage toy of Alberich was not released in France when I was young… maybe it makes me desire it more xD

The box.

The toyline has 3 sizes for the box: small (15cm x 19.5cm x 9cm) for bronze saints, medium (19.5cm x 17cm x 10cm) for gold saints, marinas and god warriors, et big (25.5cm x 19.5cm x 14cm) for gods (e.g. Thanathos).

The box has a “book box” format: it is divided in two and can be opened like a book.

The Da Vinci Myth Code / Da Vinci Myth Cloth Code… what’s that? It’s the name that the fans (mainly Spanish and French fans) use to talk about the code on the box that says what will be the next figures. The runes do not only decorate the box, they also announce the future MC releases. At the beginning, I did not believed it ’cause sometimes the explanations were really complicated. Let’s take the box and turn it 90° anti-clockwise:

The upper line has: “Mizar Alcor Benetasch Duhbe”.
And the bottom line: “Merak Phekda Megrez Alioth”…

It is a bit hard because each letter has to be indentified: for example the O is written with an omega Ω, the Z with a psi Ψ, etc…

According to people who decrypted the Da Vinci Myth Code for God warriors, the 2nd name of the 2nd line is the next to be released.
=> Phekda Thor is the God warrior who will be released after Alberich: it will be released at the end of the month !

the content.
The content is rather “light”… the content is the same as a Gold saint’s one (4,000yen), maybe less because the Delta robe protects less the body of character (so the parts of the armors are smaller). For this 1,000yen I hoped there were extra items like another face or others. Some people on MC forums wanted a 2nd hair with the blow of “Amethyst Shield” (it’s seeable on the video above).

Both blisters

The space is not missing in the box… inflation impacts God Warrior’s series too: Benetnasch Mime was sold at 4,500yen.

Anyway the box has a nice feature: it’s the famous “flame sword” that comes with a removable flame =3

the Flame sword !

There is classically a set of hands. There are also 2 belly-protectors: one is made of a shining hard plastic while the other is more flexible (ABS?). The instructions paper seems to explain how to use them but I don’t understand Japanese T_T if someone knows the difference, I am ready to listen to him 😉

several hands, 2 belly protectors…

The figure with the armor.

The Delta Robe is really to dressed on the character… except for the mask. The leg protectors are in one part. There is not any part on the arm but only on the forearm: the simplicity of the armor made it easy to assemble.

The hardest is to assemble the mask with the hair because the mask gets tangled with the hair. For the moment, after having placed and removed, there was not any staying sequins on my fingers: the paint sticks well on the mask. I am quite satisfied with the sculpture of the hair: the end of the locks are like spikes… ouch 😛

Like the figure of Rosanna by Movic, only one eye is seeable because the other one is hidden with hair: it’s the case on the original artwork. It has not been forgotten to paint the neck in white to make the collar.

Most of times, the possibilities of posing for MC are restricted by the armor. Alberich is not an exception. Nonetheless the shoulder-pads have a sliding part that can make them get longer.

I regret that it is not possible to do the first phase of the stance of the Amethyst Shield (when his arms are crossed)… but it works for the second phase when he opens his arms:

The Delta Robe / the totem.

On the contrary to the Epsilon Robe MC which is horrible, the Delta Robe MC looks very similar to the orginal artwork below. It can be explained by the fact that parts of Delta Robe have not to be too much deformed when changing its form.

The skulls of the Delta Robe are opaque and white on the artwork while the MC’s ones are translucent. It’s done to “create” the phosphorescent effect of this skulls in the anime.


To end this review, I will emphasize again that the figure is rather faithful to the original. Its design is simple and efficient. If I had to keep only one God Warrior Myth Cloth, it will probably be Alberich.

In spite of this satisfaction about this figure, I am not reconciled with the MC toyline… until the Bronze Saints will be released maybe.

Besides I would say that it is not easy to take pictures of MC because the reflecting parts have to be managed: some areas on the armor are white on my pics T_T

Amethyst graveyard



  1. Im kinda amazed that this series was never shown in Germany even though there seem to be so many loyal fans in all the other european countries.

    • Yeah, I know that the manga “Saint Seiya G” has been released before “Saint Seiya” in Germany…
      I know there is a lot of Spanish Saint Seiya fans too.


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