Posted by: Jintoo | October 25, 2009

Stand by.

Hi (Kamen) Readers !
With a such titel maybe I could have been dealing with the “Nanoha STAND BY ready” figure. But that’s not the case.
I decided to take a break with this blog for several personal reasons. I wish you had fun on reading the articles that I already wrote (Chuck Norris, Aubade, etc…): as I’m concerned I had fun again by rereading them a bit when I was closing trackbacks, pingbacks and comments on my previous posts. That’s why I will let online the whole content of the blog.
To tell you the truth I don’t know how long will last this break or if I will write again anything on this blog… but let’s be optimistic.
Oh, don’t worry, I am not (yet) going to stop all my activities related to my passion for Japanese culture: you should still be able to talk to me on other websites 😉
Best regards.
Agent J.



  1. Reviens-nous viiiite !!

  2. NOooooooo!!
    Was für eine Hiobsbotschaft!
    Ich hoffe das,sich bald alles klärt und du bald wieder unter uns bist!
    Ich hab deinen Blog nämlich immer gerne gelesen 😦

  3. Profite de ton break! Et reviens-nous vite avec de nouvelles super reviews!


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