Posted by: Jintoo | November 9, 2009

Games on Tsuki Board ^.^

I didn’t imagine I would write again so soon, but that’s not for an usual kind of article:
I’d like to promote new games that appeared on Tsukiboard.

Take and give back
Lenneth has begun the game: the main rule is to virtually steal a figure of the collection of the person who wrote a message before the one you’re going to write… and to give back one from your collection. Someway it looks like a trade.

Indiana Jones Raiders LostDr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr uses to play this game.

As I am concerned I succeed to get Alice (Queen’s Gate) by Alpha x Omega and Hayate Yagami (MSLN StikerS) by Alter \o/ I am checking to rob a Saber Alter (Fate/hollow ataraxia) by Solid Theater Ltd Edition… impossible to get >.<
Let’s play right there !

Recognize them all / the figure is right.
The second game is a kind of “blind test” for figures. The purpose is to recognize samples from figures. We are setting up the game so if you have some comments or ideas about that, please let me know 🙂
For the moment, one of the main rule is to grab samples from official shoots only (pics marked as official shoot on Tsukiboard). How much do you know about the figure world? 😛
Here is the first game :

click on the picture to enlarge it.

The second game will be start very soon, don’t miss it !
Official topic on Tsukiboard.



  1. Eh tu n’as pas l’image en beaucoup plus grande ?

    Il m’en manque 2 🙂

    • La résolution max apparaît quand tu cliques sur l’image.
      Impressionant 18/20 ? 😛

  2. So you only theoretically steal the figure or are you also removing it from your collection and add the other figure?

    • … no my Nimbus the black is still in my room… nothing really disappeared: It’s totally virtual. It will shown only on the linked topic 😉
      Is that the point that you feared? Is that the reason you didn’t yet play? xD

      Btw, don’t foget the 2nd “the figure is right” ^_^

  3. Na I didnt fear that the real figure would disappear XD
    I just wondred if it virtually disappeared in your tsuki board copllection ^^;

  4. Indy rulz!


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