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Papercraft: school bag (Sora Kake Girl)

For this new category, I did a LVL noob papercraft: the school bag in the anime Sora Kake Girl. I had the idea to design it by seeing the Figma / Nendoroid Bag on Tsukiboard.

source blog figma.

Besides I watched lately the anime so I knew there was this bag πŸ˜› I designed it for the 1/8 scaled Akiha Shishidou by GSC, but feel free to be inspired to do whatever you want.

I had to find several relevant screenshots to do it: I had to define a proper size and to know what to draw πŸ˜›

I made 2 versions: the full one and an economical one. Here are the links to download them:
Download the full version.
Download the light version.
The full version has also the verso side of the straps…
The economical version just needs a half-page (you could print it twice if you feel you will fail). For the economical version, I also wanted to cut the bottom but it is necessary for the pantsu shots otherwise it would be opened and the inside is not so beautiful πŸ˜›

A rather thick paper is usually required for papercrafts but for this one I used the one that was in my printer: classical paper at work office (or at school).

After having used classical scissors, you will get this:

Then, cut the areas that I circled in red:

You could use box cutter: I did it for my tests. But a utility knife for handcrafts and model making is much better. I forgot I had one >.<
After having fold and assembled both parts, you should get something like this:

First close the left strap loop (the strap that will come on the left shoulder). Close the whole school bag but not the right strap.

Slip on the left strap around the left arm. Place the bag under the ponytail.
Try to make go the end of the right strap between the hair and right shoulder… it is not easy. I used once tweezers to grab the end of the strap (for the test).

Close the right strap loop. Adjust both straps and the bag and it should be ok.
Be careful during handling the figure! I remind you the figure has a one foot stance: I still fear it bends too much and breaks 😑

I also thought of Yuno (ferret) who’s going out of the bag. I would have liked to do something similar with the nendoroid of fried potato Imochan. But I did not receive it yet (I ordered it with a lucky restock at Hobby Search).

The papercraft can be assembled without any glue. Nonetheless the corners are not sticked and they sometimes tend to make the bag open. I guess using glue would be cleaner (in that case, you couldn’t have to use the square for assembling (you can cut them).
I would recommand the economical version (I used it for mine) ’cause I am afraid of the paint of verso side mark the white cloth of Akiha.
I drew the handle on the top face but it would be possible to create one. I choosed no to do it because theΒ  bag is so small: tiny fingers would have been necessary to assemble it.

Akiha Shishidou GSCWell, I must admit I’ve never seen someone so glad to go to school… unless she’s leaving school?

It is not much but I guess this is a nice accessory for the PVC figure πŸ˜›

Extra pictures while designing it:



  1. Nice works ^^ Akiha is cute with her bag ^^

  2. Got here from The Blogger Big Family from Lily. This is an interesting tutorial. I realized that I’m meeting more and more creative people. The bag suits her very well. It looks good and I believe one could easily be mistaken if that is an accessory which comes together with the figure. πŸ™‚

    • Thanks for your com right there. You’re exaggerating a bit while saying it could have been mistaken with a proper accessory ^.^
      So, it’s possible to get a even better result as explained by using glue πŸ˜›

  3. Nicely done!

    you have had a good idea, there.


  4. Oh wow now thats nice!
    I couldnt design something like this even if my life was at stake

    • Don’t underestimate yourself. I saw on your blog you were able to produce many nice things. Maybe one day…

  5. Why not this kind of do-it-yourself… i already downloaded several paperkraft like the one of Yotsuba, but i always forgot to go look after the appropriate paper.
    In any case excellent idea. Such a simple thing who transform the figure.

    • It depends on the papercraft but I guess sometimes the normal paper can work.
      I am very far from the level of your scenes you use to create, but everybody needs to improve ^.^
      Thanks for your com πŸ˜‰


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