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[Anime] The reverse watching chain.

The titel of this articles comes from some rememberings of my school courses (the reverse supply chain in logistics courses). Don’t be afraid of that, I just want to explain an easy concept.
At the beginning of my toys/figures collection, I bought products following a “normal chain”:
I watch an anime -> I like the anime -> I have a favorite character from this anime -> I buy a figure of this character.

J’ai choisis ce titre en me rappelant de quelques souvenirs de cours de logistique (la reverse supply chain). N’en soyez pas effrayés, le concept qui se cache derrière est vraiment simple.
Au début de ma collection de figurines et de jouets, j’achetais les proders suivant une certaine logique :
Je regarde un anime -> j’aime l’anime -> j’ai des personnages préférés dans cet anime -> j’achète une figurine de ce personnage.

Lately I didn’t know which anime to watch… and I was guided by some crushes on PVC figures: Canaan by GSC made me watch Canaan, Akiha Shishidou by GSC made me watch Sora Kake Girl, the prototype of Mikoto Misaka made me watch Toaru Majutsu no Index and Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (21 episodes to be more exact), and the one of Senjougahara-sama made me begin Bakemonogatari.
It’s half-scaring and half-understandable. Someway I would say that my interest for the Japanese culture “evolved” 😮 What about you? :p

Dernièrement, je ne savais pas quel anime regarder. J’ai au final fait des choix en prenant en compte des coups de cœur pour des figurines: Canaan de GSC m’a fait regarder Canaan, Akiha Shishidou de GSC m’a engrainé à Sora Kake Girl, le prototype de Mikoto Misaka par GSC au dernier Wonderfest m’a décidé à visionner Toaru Majutsu no Index ainsi que Toaru Kagaku no Railgun (21 épisodes en fait), et j’ai commencé Bakemonogatari à cause/grâce au proto de Senjougahara-sama.
Vous trouvez ça effrayant ? D’un point de vue personnel, je le considère comme une évolution par rapport à mon hobby pour l’univers de la japanimation. Qu’en est-il de vous ? 😛

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  1. Hmm…Interesting…
    Im definately more interested in Anime > Figures but the Queens Blade Figures opened up the world of the books for me and later on the anime was made.

    I guess it relly depends on how interesting a figure is 😀

  2. Arg, you remember me my job with your supply chain 😛

    You know that what you’re saying is right for me too. I watched Canaan because I saw figures in the Type Moon Club, I didn’t know it before ^^

    Same for Rosario + Vampire, but it was a real deception.

    • I read Rosavamp… I was told the anime had much more fanserv while there was already in the manga imo. So watchin’ the opening was enough for me 😛

      • he he, I watched the 2 first episodes, then I tried the manga and it was the same, so I read only about 20 chapters before becoming crazy XD

  3. Yep yep. That happened to me quite a bit actually. I watched Kara no Kyoukai after seeing Ryouji Shinji’s figure. Although most of the time I still buy figures after watching an anime.


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