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Review EN: Sagittarius Seiya & Aiolos – Super Figure Art Collection – Medicos.

I told myself I should do something for the 2nd “anniversary” of the blog. I was thinking of writing a review of a figure… but which one ? o.O and then I knew it could not be done without moving from my armchair T.T
I finally choosed a figure that I was selling: the Sagittarius by Medicos. I changed my mind and decided to enjoy it (it’s in my Detolf right now). Someway this review were kinda improbable few times ago 😛

General specifications.

Name: Sagittarius Seiya & Aiolos (Super Figure Art Collection)
Manufacturer: Medicos Entertainment (Medicos shortly).
Distributor: Happinet
Price: 7800 yens excluding taxes / 8190 yens including taxes
RPP in EU: imo from 65 to 75 EUR if you search a bit.
Release date (Japan) : January 2009
Œuvre d’origine : Saint Seiya – Knights of the Zodiac.
Scale: none – Height: 25 cm
Type: PVC Figure
Box size: W23 cm x D7.5 cm x H29 cm

The Sagittarius in Saint Seiya.

The Sagittarius cloth has a particular importance in the story: the saint (knight) who were chosen to wear it is Aiolos. Nonetheless he cannot do it to protect the Goddess Athena… right now he just can help the bronze saint by lending his gold cloth to Seiya (firstly in the 38th episode).

From left to right: Aiolos & Seiya wearing the Sagittarius cloth.

The Sagittarius cloth does not only protect the body; it also has a weapon: the golden arrow (and of course the bow to fire it). This offensive possibilty was decisive in several battles (eg the movies).

The golden Sagittarius arrow.

The box and its content.

General color tones are brown. The sides of the box are decorated with kinds of arabesque. The front side let us see the figure with Seiya’s head through a rectangular window. Aiolos’ head (alternative head) is also seeable at the left top in a medallion window. The rear of the box shows the official pictures of the figure on a blue background (for a “Cosmos” atmosphere).
As I am concerned, I do not like so much the colors of this box. They are in the same tones of the figure itself but I prefer the shining yellow of the Myth Cloth’s: I am rather thinking of something brilliant with it.

Boxes of the Medicos and the MC on the left.
Content in the thermoformed shells on the right.

The box has an optimized volume: it is compact, the way the elements are placed limits the void space. For example, the base is in a “wall position” and the removable wings are on the left side.

The assembly.

An instruction paper sheet (of course in Japanese) is provided:

First the figure has to be set on the base: the base is black disk (Ø=15cm) with 2 assembly pawns. It is a really basic shape but it can be easily customised by putting on a paper sheet.
Without wings the figure makes me think of Leo Aiolia with his Lion cloth… so let’s add the wings:

And finally the bow: it clashes with the right wing -.- Rubbing between both elements has to be limited not to damage the paint. I use their flexibility and bend them a bit to assemble them.

As previously explained, Aiolos and Seiya wore the Sagittarius cloth. Medicos lets us choose by providing two heads: Aiolos’ head (face with green eyes) and Seiya’s (face with brown eyes). Changing the heads is extremely easy on the contrary to Touko Aozaki’s 😮 In a fact the assembly of the head on the body is “loose fit”.

I prefer Seiya’s head: I guess I am not enough used to see Aiolos because his head seems strange to me. I would say that I do not recognize his hair.

The pose of the figure.

Aiolos/Seiya stands upright with a noble attitude. He seems to be waiting… or he may want to intimidate anyone.
The big size gives an imposing stature to the character.
Both faces express different feelings. They’re important to appreciate the figure: Aiolos has a kind of smile on the mouth while Seiya is very serious. This threatening attitude makes me definitely prefer him.

The right hand is opened… without anything inside. It is regretful: I would have liked the Saint to hold the golden arrow. He also could have clenched the fist… I would feel less this emptiness. I will probably make on my own this arrow with paper/cardboard. The post should be updated with pics with it 😉

Details & quality.

I am torn between 2 sides: on the one hand I see nice details, on the other hand I see the poor level of what Medicos uses to do i.e. ugly figure 😛
To be more exact I would say that the details of the body (parts that are not protected by the armor) and the face are rather sophisticated while the armor is detailled with a lower work.

As example to explain the non-armor was a good surprise for me, I would say the hair is detailed until locks with color gradations. Shapes of the Adam’s apple and the nails have been sculpted o.O
I also like the way the biceps are half covered with the armor.

On the contrary to that, the armor is simply sculpted… and it is completely faithful to what is seen in the anime. And it has to be said that drawings are not elaborate to make the animation easier (if there were details, they would have to be drawn for each frame). So arabesques are at the minimum. In comparison to the Myth Cloth toyline, there are decorations on the skirt-sides and on the crown while it is not the case for this Medicos version. The way I explain it can make you think it is a flaw but once again, it is completely faithful to the anime chara-design.

The paint on the armor is rather uniform except on some locations like the bow that has slight color gradations. Nonetheless the paint is completed with some kinds of “panel lines” that define for example all the feathers of the wings.
The used paint is matt on the contrary to the Myth Cloth’s that is brilliant. It’s ok for me: even if the luxury side of the reflecting surface is lost, the Medicos catches less fingerprint and it is easier to clean.

Clash of the bow with the left wing.

Sagittarius Seiya - Close up

My point of view.

To summarize:
The size of the figure.
The glamour of the Sagittarius and its symbol.
Compacticity of the box.

paint, sculpting ? lack of detail ?
no arrow !!! T_T

I use to trust some manifacturers (Alter, Max Factory), but the toyline “Super Figure Art Collection” is the luxury line of Medicos Entertainement, so we could expect a correct result (’cause it’s rather expensive). And yet convincing me was not that easy because most of Medicos figures are ugly 😡

I guess this figure is not so successful because Saint Seiya fans are mainly collecting the Myth Cloth toyline. It is true the Medicos is less playable: it does not give the pleasure to mount the armor on the character or on the object but it has the advantages of the PVC figure (it has not the horrible joints of the articulations).
I also owned the PVC figures of Megahouse and I prefer this Medicos because it symbolizes the special constellation the was the most desired in the first Saint Seiya chapters (my childhood in fact).
So I would recommend it to the Saint Seiya fans and tell them not to focus ONLY on the Myth Cloth 😛


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