Posted by: Jintoo | February 12, 2010

Papercraft: school bag (Sora Kake Girl)

For this new category, I did a LVL noob papercraft: the school bag in the anime Sora Kake Girl. I had the idea to design it by seeing the Figma / Nendoroid Bag on Tsukiboard.

source blog figma.

Besides I watched lately the anime so I knew there was this bag 😛 I designed it for the 1/8 scaled Akiha Shishidou by GSC, but feel free to be inspired to do whatever you want.
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Posted by: Jintoo | January 31, 2010

Review EN: Aozaki Touko (Kara no Kyoukai) – Alter

Touko is so smart, that she makes me wanna smoke like her… then should I sue Type-Moon, Kodansha and Ufotable if I got a lung cancer? 😛

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Posted by: Jintoo | January 27, 2010

Review FR : Aozaki Touko (Kara no Kyoukai) – Alter

Touko a tellement la classe que je pourrais me mettre à fumer pour faire comme elle… et ensuite, j’attaquerais Type-Moon, Kodansha et Ufotable pour mon cancer du poumon 😛

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Posted by: Jintoo | December 25, 2009

POP Wonderland series [Dark Horse]

I already knew Dark Horse was going to publish POP Wonderland books since this summer. I was waiting for wanting other items to get the free shipping fees on Amazon 😛
I have received this week Thumbelina and Little Red Riding Hood books. I am really glad. Here are few lines about them 😉

J’avais appris cet été que Dark Horse publierai les livres de POP wonderland. J’attendais d’avoir plusieurs produits à commander sur Amazon pour amortir les frais de port de ma commande 😉
J’ai reçu cette semaine les livres de Thumbelina (La Petite Poucette) et de Little Red Riding Hood (Le Petit Chaperon rouge). Je suis plutôt satisfait. Voici mes impressions.

Série / serie: POP Wonderland
Illustraté par / illustrated by:
POP (site officiel / official website)
Adapté par / adapted by: Michiyo HAYANO
Editeur / publisher: Dark Horse (site web / website)
Prix / price: about 17$ per book / environ 12 euros pour un livre.
Dimensions / size: 26mm x 215mm
Contenu / content:
illustrated story (about 30 pages).
Dark Horse releases / sorties Dark Horse:

Thumbelina (July 2009) / La Petite Poucette (juillet 2009)
Little Red Riding Hood (November 2009) / Le Petit Chaperon rouge (novembre 2009)
Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (March 2010) / Alice au pays des merveilles (mars 2010)
Cinderella (summer 2010) / Cendrillon (été 2010)

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Posted by: Jintoo | December 9, 2009

Kara no Kyoukai ~the Garden of Sinners.

Avant d’éventuellement faire une review sur une figurine de KnK, je voulais en fait “réviser” pour appréhender les personnages. J’ai donc voulu voir ou revoir les films.
J’avais déjà vu les 3 premiers films à l’époque… et je les ai revus, puis j’ai continué avec les 4ème et 5ème films : un film par soir 🙂
J’ai trouvé l’ensemble excellent et je suis devenu un KnK fanboy =3 Voici donc mes impressions pour vous pousser à les visionner. Comme à mon habitude, je vais donner des détails triviaux sur l’intrigue afin de ne pas la révéler, et je vais plutôt insister sur mon ressenti.

Before maybe writing a review of a figure of KnK, I wanted to study the basis. So I watched again the first movies (1, 2 and 3) and I watched the 4th and the 5th: a movie an evening =)
I loved the movie series and I became a KnK fanboy 😛 I will give in this article my personal feelings about it. Maybe I will make you wanna watch them 😉 Don’t worry I am not spoiling.

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Posted by: Jintoo | November 9, 2009

Games on Tsuki Board ^.^

I didn’t imagine I would write again so soon, but that’s not for an usual kind of article:
I’d like to promote new games that appeared on Tsukiboard.

Take and give back
Lenneth has begun the game: the main rule is to virtually steal a figure of the collection of the person who wrote a message before the one you’re going to write… and to give back one from your collection. Someway it looks like a trade.

Indiana Jones Raiders LostDr. Henry Walton “Indiana” Jones, Jr uses to play this game.

As I am concerned I succeed to get Alice (Queen’s Gate) by Alpha x Omega and Hayate Yagami (MSLN StikerS) by Alter \o/ I am checking to rob a Saber Alter (Fate/hollow ataraxia) by Solid Theater Ltd Edition… impossible to get >.<
Let’s play right there !

Recognize them all / the figure is right.
The second game is a kind of “blind test” for figures. The purpose is to recognize samples from figures. We are setting up the game so if you have some comments or ideas about that, please let me know 🙂
For the moment, one of the main rule is to grab samples from official shoots only (pics marked as official shoot on Tsukiboard). How much do you know about the figure world? 😛
Here is the first game :

click on the picture to enlarge it.

The second game will be start very soon, don’t miss it !
Official topic on Tsukiboard.

Posted by: Jintoo | October 25, 2009

Stand by.

Hi (Kamen) Readers !
With a such titel maybe I could have been dealing with the “Nanoha STAND BY ready” figure. But that’s not the case.
I decided to take a break with this blog for several personal reasons. I wish you had fun on reading the articles that I already wrote (Chuck Norris, Aubade, etc…): as I’m concerned I had fun again by rereading them a bit when I was closing trackbacks, pingbacks and comments on my previous posts. That’s why I will let online the whole content of the blog.
To tell you the truth I don’t know how long will last this break or if I will write again anything on this blog… but let’s be optimistic.
Oh, don’t worry, I am not (yet) going to stop all my activities related to my passion for Japanese culture: you should still be able to talk to me on other websites 😉
Best regards.
Agent J.

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